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Lumexis, Inc. is developing the next generation in-flight entertainment system based on advanced fiber optic technology from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. In the Aerospace application, this technology enabled the replacement of 2-tons of copper cables with a couple of light weight fibers. In the inflight entertainment market, this technology enables the deployment of a premium entertainment system not possible with current technologies due to the size, weight, and power constraints of this market.


EconoCab This proprietary technology enables urban taxi operators to reduce their fuel consumption by up to 50% while virtually eliminating their maintenance costs for brakes and transmission. Current hybrids offer total cost of ownership saving at the expense of performance which has limited their adoption in many applications. The hybrid technology used in the Hybrid-Taxis will lead to increased performance over traditional vehicles.

LightSpeed This proprietary technology provides content owners the ability to extract new revenue streams from legacy content.

SpeedSwitch This proprietary technology provides a simple interface addressable by most consumers for complex control algorithms.


Low Cost Fiber Based Daylighting System This proprietary technology enables the collection and transport of natural sunlight over fiber for daylighting systems that are cost competitive with solar tube based systems. Fiber based systems have many advantages over solar tube technologies in that they are easy to install, they allow greater separation between the solar collector and the luminaire, and they allow significantly more control of the luminaire beam profile. Cost reductions over other fiber based daylighting systems are achieved using a novel solar tracking technology.