To Industry Partners

Companies do not have the resources to go beyond internal R&D; or established relationships to seek out disruptive technologies to solve their urgent market problems. Reactor works with them to identify market pains and seeks out the technology for the solutions they need.

To Research & Development Firms

Our seasoned technical and business research team has worked closely with both private sector companies and public sector organizations to build a deep understanding of market needs. By partnering with Zone Reactor, R&D; firms use this knowledge to make the best commercialization decisions, and thereby increase the return on their R&D; investments. Zone Reactor continues to add value by forming the building blocks of a new and lasting corporation, including the business plan, the initial management team, and access to capital resources. If your firm has technology, and you wish to work with Zone Reactor, please see the Partner page.

To Venture Investors

Having built relationships with Southern California's preeminent corporate and independent R&D; labs, our access to high quality technical intellectual property and human capital is second to none. Through our commercialization assessments and rigorous market demand testing, combined with a highly-refined EIR program, we provide the venture community with quality deal flow characterized by early-stage valuations and later-stage technology risk mitigation. For more information on investment opportunities, please contact

To Entrepreneurs

Zone Reactor provides access to advanced technological innovation and applied technical and markets research. Before an EIR is brought on to head up a new ventures project, our team has completed significant levels of technical research and has identified major market opportunities. For information on how to become an EIR, see the Jobs page.