Zone Reactor is a market driven technology commercialization company that takes equity positions in new ventures it creates. Reactor helps to bridge the gap between marketplace problems and developers of disruptive technology by working with commercial companies, R&D organizations, and the investor community.

Reactor continuously scans the industry and identifies potential opportunities through secondary research and extensive interviews with investors, buyers, sellers, and developers of cellular wireless technology. Through formal relationships with technology buyers, the Reactor defines product requirements and begins assessing potential technology sources based on viability and availability. The proposed solution is developed in close cooperation with the potential buyers and technology partners. Working with the Draper Fisher Jurvetson venture capital network and other investors, Reactor finds the capital to fund prototyping and new venture development. Reactor's network of start-up specialists takes the technology to market quickly and effectively.

With funding, a new company is capitalized and launched. While both Reactor and the originating research facility will continue to add value as needed, we do not incubate these new firms. We believe that to succeed in competitive markets, lasting companies must be built by independent, focused, equity-driven entrepreneurs.